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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility means a business’s performance is measured not only in terms of profit, but in how well it addresses its social and environmental impacts. While the notion of businesses “doing good” isn’t new, the modern iteration of CSR emerged in the 1950s and evolved during the 1960s, influenced by social movements for racial justice, labor rights, and environmental protection. Over time, the environment became a prominent focus.

Business and industry have enormous environmental impacts, from emitting hazardous pollutants to consuming vast amounts of natural resources. Today, many companies undertake environmental sustainability not just as a legal obligation, but as a business opportunity and moral imperative.

CSR and Business Responsibility Reporting is now focusing on greater understanding of the role of Corporates in not only contributing to the country's economy but also building of the country's citizenry. Situation analysis of vulnerable groups besides overall employee wellness and earth ethics are all now an integral part of a business venture.

Having served as a CEO of a Corporate Foundation for over 10 years, while running my own NGO, has helped me gain the necessary training and knowledge besides access to experts in every field, to provide services to Corporates in the following areas:

- CSR - assessment, planning and execution besides impact analysis

- Sustainability practices that favor green environment in all occupied campuses

- POSH Consulting and External member of the Internal Complaints Committee