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Dear Youth Friend,

Am happy to share some thoughts with you on taking up life's challenges meaningfully, by observing people around you, connecting to one cause, and spending weekends to serve that cause.

This will help you create a second career, to fill and enrich your life. If you wish to know more about our projects, please visit our website.

You are standing on the portals of life, waiting to expand your family. Do it consciously, educating yourself on your various familial roles! Good wishes and God bless you for a safe, great future.

Need Analysis

The Millennials, as known today have arrived at the most challenging of times into the world of vocation that there is a lot of noise that deafens their inner voice.

To be able to listen to it and make an informed choice about their future needs some handholding and emboldening.

Going with the advice of either friends or elders may not result in an informed decision, due to which there is lack of clarity and inability to remain cheerful and productive.

A warm approach to listen to them amicably, and equip them with the tools and awareness that will enable them to take up careers of their liking will help bring out their best potential.

Youth seem to be the most misunderstood age segment in the society, it is high time we respect their growing needs, afford a path of guidance and mentoring that nurtures their self esteem and intellect to be productive happy and responsible citizens of tomorrow.