Juvenile Justice — Focus

Dear Juvenile Justice Professionals,

I started out in this field when there was little or no information available on the law and its special powers of implementation. However diligently I have gathered resources from different parts of the world on best practices and have field anecdotal experiences that make all the difference to the various retribution and rehabilitation theories, in terms of actual child friendly practices for children deprived of liberty.

Being selected to serve in adjudicatory roles with the Child Welfare Committee in 2001 and the country's first Juvenile Justice Board as the Member Magistrate, in 2002, I was party to engender collaborative decisions that were seminal, far reaching and gave hope of restorative justice to both the children in conflict with law and in need of care and protection.

Having Co-managed the Govt. Observation and Children's Homes for over 6 years partnering with the Department of Social Defence, the resounding voices of children registered in my heart and spirit to guide me on new models in early life education for them as a mode of preventing delinquency and drop outs.

Those seeking clarity on the approach to Juvenile Justice aligning with other Children's Laws, would immensely benefit from our repository.

Please write to vidya@awakentolife.org if you seek to engage in this sector and want to know more.