Cascade FLS — About

Basic information:

CASCADE FLS is a time tested new education model that is led by families in a cooperative learning setting. Parents who have studied the Montessori way of education and living, either with a formal training or a deep understanding of the philosophy come together and invest in this Educational Eco-system.

CASCADE FLS is in operation for the past 11+ years, and is now a sturdy prototype to consider as a healthy educational environment that has produced contributing happy productive young adults to the society.

Awaken To Life owns the Trademark of Cascade FLS and will enter into agreement with any Education Enthusiast or parent group, who is willing to consider this model of education to install the New Humanity in our region and thereby the world.

Advantages of this model:

  • ATL will support the Franchisee as per an agreement drawn out after discussions with all parties concerned.
  • Run time towards reasonable profit making is two years maximum.
  • Risk is low due to known land owner and brand establishment that will happen for a year before start up.
  • Failsafe methodology with good google reviews from existing parents and a few who have left due to unavoidable circumstances.
  • Back up of Resource Library and access to experts across the world through Ms.Vidya Shankar.
  • For more details on the functioning of CASCADE FLS please visit

Expectations of ATL from a Franchisee of a CFLS Centre:

  • Initial Investment into the project :
    • Franchise fee to ATL
    • Infrastructure
    • Rental advance
    • Running costs for one month always in account
  • For each admission, from the date of signing agreement, a prefixed amount per student as proposed depending on the location.