Social Workers — Services


Dear Social Worker,

Have you felt the need to empower yourself with tools and techniques besides overall situational analyses of social issues around? If you are willing to invest time and resources, you can access a body of knowledge on any area related to social causes, from our pool of resources.

Starting from Juvenile Justice, Child Welfare to Adoption to CSR Funding and audit, HR management, our experience ranges from hands-on work and documentation of findings, for the past 30 years.

Need Analysis

Colleges of Social work that offer courses have tuned their syllabus to bring in current affairs, but we have seen a lack of room for debates, focus group discussions and presentations of situation analysis for creating a policy wise impact.

Our team and pool of experts have excelled in offering internships, real time experiential training to social workers and awareness programs to faculty as well.

What seems as a charitable act, may need a renewal of perspective and change of approach taking into account the rights of the group concerned, the laws in vogue and the impact study of the current program offered.

Our multi pronged approach has aided the arrival of solutions for social problems, in a manner, never addressed before!