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Dear Corporate Head,

Do you desire to know more on what causes to address with your CSR Funds? Are you seeking an external POSH Committee member?

A whole range of training topics and tools are available with my organisation to empower your team with adequate information on impactful projects in the vulnerable sections of society, since I have been working with them directly, for the past 25 years or more.

Evidence gathered and curated into studies have revealed several truths which help design effective projects.


Businesses are becoming more and more conscious of their spendings on welfare projects. This is not only to comply with the BRR and CSR funds utilisation.

Increasingly shareholders and employees alike want to be engaged with socially relevant projects - from planning to implementation to impact study.

This is the reason, the management has to equip their teams to be aware of the latest CSR guidelines, the act, rules and what their company CSR policy is about.

The Triple Bottom Line - People, Planet & Profit - source:


  • Awareness sessions on POSH Act 2013, guidelines and rules, Workplace conduct, formal relationships and boundaries of interactions, procedure for enquiry and handling of cases towards justice for the aggrieved.
  • Case studies and anecdotal experiences.

Need Analysis

CSR spending and Business Responsibility Reporting are important compliances for Corporates today, not because of the mandate, but the larger perspective of contemporary relevance of their activities in the field and global contribution to wellbeing.

Most of the staff team members would have come right in after their qualifying degrees with significantly less life experiences, leave alone experiences of issues shackling underserved communities.

Our 24 year traversing of the Social Work journey certainly endows our team with first hand knowledge on the need and impact of well designed programs that draws on local resources to establish sustainability of operations, rather than depending on external source of funds forever.

Be it healthcare, youth skilling, early childhood care and protection, women's rights, legal literacy, developmentally appropriate education across ages, child rights or safety of women in workplaces, our team has direct hands on experience to be able to offer a real time assessment of the need or the impact of the project itself.