Relationships — Focus

Dear Parents, Educators and Professionals,

Our careers and productivity are magnetically bound to the relationships in our lives, understandably as humans are by nature gregarious and communicative. How does one safeguard our circle of friends and relatives from the vagaries of disruptive spiraling actions and thoughts that would directly affect us? What is your level of understanding of the strength of your bonding within the family and circle of significant others. Get to know how to measure and improve upon relationships with our unique programs designed for all adults who do not live in isolation.

Relationships are tough for a few, some of the time and for many, all the time!

Vidya Shankar has spent her entire life observing children, families, teachers and other stakeholders in society, while working with children in difficult circumstances and in education.

This helped her to evolve as a person and call higher faculties of functioning to aid the bridging of familial relationships. She has developed high quality content to aid the following needs of interested youth and parents. Besides clarifying expectations and responsibilities on their roles, the significance of the stakeholders at each stage will be explained for widening their understanding of the psychological and social aspects of familial relationships and parenting.

- Preparation towards marriage
- Preparation for expanding the family with a child by birth or adoption
- Preparation towards different stages of parenthood and aiding child independence.
- Pregnancy to 2 months after birth
- 2 months to 1 year - Infancy
- 1 year to 2.4 years
- 2.4 years to 6 years
- 6 years to 12 years
- 12 to 18 years