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Dear Parents

Children are a precious gift from the heavens, given to you to nurture and give back to society. How have you grown from the day of conception, as a person? Have you thought of your own inner healing and of blossoming into the new role?

Reach out to us, if you are planning for a child, holding your child in your mind or body ;-)

We have intense content to engage with each stage of parenting, from conception to 18 years.

Need Analysis

All parents wish the best for their family, especially, consciously for a young child who has joined the family. While basking in the joy of the new arrival, the preparation towards his future requires a clear understanding of:

  • Developmental stages of children
  • parenting role at each stage

To this end there has to be authentic sources that awaken the inner compass combined with the natural human tendencies to bring out the best potential of the children, when conditions offered nurture the mental and physical environments of the child.

Today, in a day of hurried existence, time to pause and think seems missing that has led us to the nadir of chaos in humanity especially for children. ATL is a platform that invites parents to heal and grow into the best parents that their children deserve!