Adoption — Focus

Dear Families in Adoption,

We formed the Adoption support groups across a few states during 1990s and today the benefit of friendships that span the world, stand testimony to this important social structure that was created then.

We have over the years gathered experiences and resources to serve adoptive families and professionals. We have over 2500 families who know of us and have either sought our support or offered theirs.

Our database is however not updated, due to the lack of access to the target group of parents. We wish to offer the following services to the families touched by adoption

- Understanding adoption
- Preparation for adoptive parenthood
- Developmental understanding of adoption by children
- Growth mindset of families in adoption
- Current Schooling and its challenges
- Understanding telling and its emerging age wise relevance to children
- Relationship counseling for adolescence and adulthood.
- Adoption Matrimony